9 Seasons
S4 E25 10/3/11

State Fair, Syracuse Bound and Special Anniversary

The State Fair Meadowlands is celebrating their 25th anniversary and Buddy has the perfect cake in mind. Meanwhile, Joey and Grace's son has been accepted to Syracuse University and celebrate with a SU themed cake.


Episode   1

Circus, Celebrity and Surprise

Episode   2

Shark Cake and Smelly Fish

Episode   3

Happy Little Bakers

Episode   4

Toilets and Textiles

Episode   5

Ships, Sonograms, Sister Drama

Episode   7

Baby Special

Episode   8

Pucks, Pastries, Pushy Grace

Episode   9

Staten Island Chuck

Episode   10

Punches, Psychics and Pastries

Episode   11

Designer, Deadlines, Diagnosis

Episode   12

Tulips, Taxes and Take It Easy

Episode   13

Surgery and St. Patty's