Cake Boss Episodes

S15 E1 3/23/18

Dinosaurs and Brush Strokes

The bakery crew makes a Jurassic-sized cake for a dinosaur theme park.
S15 E2 3/23/18

Rollercoasters and Cook-Offs

Buddy makes a edible roller coaster car for a beachside amusement park.
S15 E3 3/30/18

Waves and Watermelons

The bakery crew re-creates the ocean with a giant crashing wave cake.
S15 E4 3/30/18

Thunderbirds and Butterflies

Buddy creates a beautiful butterfly cake for a local zoo.
S15 E5 4/6/18

Turtle Rescue and Roller Derby

Buddy and the crew make a giant sea turtle cake for a local rescue team.
S15 E6 4/6/18

Sweet 16 and Tiny Hamster Cake

Buddy and the guys build a giant hula dancer cake for his niece's sweet 16.