9 Seasons
S8 E22 10/26/16

Mummy Mia!

Buddy and the crew get wrapped up in their work by creating a cake resembling an ancient Egyptian mummy sarcophagus. Then, Mauro, Joe, Danny and Frankie make a pancake cake, but Mauro's cake filling flavor choice may be too hot to handle.


Episode   1

A Golden Opportunity

Episode   2

Ugly Feet and a Fiesta

Episode   3

From Fury to Furry

Episode   4

Operation: Tank Cake

Episode   5

Hocus Pocus

Episode   6

Buddy and the Rockettes

Episode   7

Cut the Ribbon and the Cake!

Episode   8

Twirls, Whirls and Crashes

Episode   9

Players, Lawyers, Pranksters

Episode   10

Light Up the Night

Episode   11

Crane Cake and Puppy Love

Episode   12

A Cowboy In Hoboken

Episode   13

Superheroes and Bakers Unite!

Episode   14

We Will Survive