Cake Boss Episodes

S11 E1 6/26/15

Everything Old Is New Again

Buddy is asked to honor Hoboken's most famous resident, Frank Sinatra.
S11 E2 7/3/15

The Butcher and The Baker

Buddy Valastro gets inspired at the butcher and baby Carlo turns four.
S11 E3 7/3/15

Naked Fishing

Buddy makes an ice-fishing cake, and a client requests a naked cake.
S11 E4 7/17/15

Bridges, Beaches and Bad News

Buddy Valastro makes a cake for Common and John Legend.
S11 E5 7/24/15

Big Beast and Brownie Blunders

The brownies are dried up, and the bakers find inspiration from the past.
S11 E6 9/7/15

Cake of Thrones

Buddy Valastro makes a mythical cake and Mauro gets a makeover.