1000-lb Sisters Episodes

S5 E1 5/4/23

Bringing Home the Bacon

As Tammy leaves rehab, she faces the most difficult decision of her life.
S5 E2 5/4/23

Fork You! I'm Done!

Tammy hosts a housewarming party, and Amy confronts Michael.
S5 E3 5/4/23

Well-Done and Over With

Amy makes the hardest decision of her life after the blowout with Michael.
S5 E4 1/9/24

The Grapes of Wrath

Amy and Tammy blow off some steam at a rage room.
S5 E5 5/4/23

The Custard-y Battle

Amy faces Michael in court, and Tammy explores the prospect of having kids.
S5 E6 5/4/23

Fried, Cried and Tried

Caleb surprises Tammy with a romantic dinner date.

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