5 Ways to Make His First Father’s Day Unforgettable

Celebrating Father's Day for a new dad? Here’s how to make it special.

By: Amanda Mushro


Photo by: Maskot


He’s great at swaddling and comes in clutch during that 3 a.m. feeding. So, his first Father’s Day needs to be just as amazing as he is. Skip the ties and the “World’s Best Dad” coffee mugs and get inspired to turn this Father’s Day into one that dear old dad won’t forget.

Breakfast in Bed


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A Father’s Day brunch sounds delicious but dining out with a little one is not always fun. Treat Dad with brunch in bed, instead. Whip up some eggs, bacon and even a Bloody Mary!

Start a New Tradition


Photo by: Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards

Since this is his very first Father’s Day, now is the time to start a tradition that you and your family can do each and every year. Make it special, make it personal and make it something you will all love doing every Father’s Day.

Give Him Some “Me Time”

Golf player walking on the course


Golf player walking on the course

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He’s so busy juggling work and family that Dad usually doesn’t have a lot of “me time.” You don’t need to plan for every minute of Father’ Day; let Dad go out and do the things he loves. From golfing or catching a baseball game to grabbing a bite to eat with some of his friends, Dad can take the lead and have some time apart. Plus, you get extra cuddle time with your baby, so it’s really a win/win.

Give a Gift from Baby

Unrecognizable little boy holding a father's day card written in english - Celebration concepts


Unrecognizable little boy holding a father's day card written in english - Celebration concepts

Photo by: Hispanolistic


From a framed picture of your favorite people to a DIY craft that you find on Pinterest, his first Father’s Day is the perfect time to give the new dad a gift that comes straight from the heart (and "from" your baby).

Get a Babysitter

Couple eating dinner at rooftop restuarant


Couple eating dinner at rooftop restuarant

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You’ve had plenty of family time, how about a little couple time? Find a babysitter or a trusted family member and get out of the house. Mommy and Daddy both need a little quality time together without Baby (even if you spend most of it talking about your adorable new little one!).

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