Kid-Friendly Mason Jar Meals You Can Take Anywhere

These mason jar treats are so easy to put together and make the perfect bite for any occasion!

May 11, 2018
By: Kristine Boyd

Summer is quickly approaching, and kids are out and about engaging in tons of outdoor activities. From the pool to the park, parents are looking for easy, healthy snacks or meals that they can pack on the go. These mason jar treats are so easy to put together and make the perfect bite for any occasion!

Overnight Oats

The easiest breakfast to make for on-the-go is overnight oats. Just add oats, milk and all your favorite toppings. After you let it sit overnight, all you have to do is grab the jar, a spoon and head out the door! You can add fun toppings that your kids will love like fruit, cereal and even chocolate chips!

Portable Smoothie

Smoothies are a great snack to pack for kids. They are easy to drink and pack a nutritious punch. Just blend up a batch of your kid's favorite smoothies and pour them into jars for snack time at the beach!

Pasta Salad

Add cooked pasta to a jar with dressing and vegetables. Shake up the jar and you have a delicious pasta salad that the whole family will love! You can even make a large batch of pasta, set out different vegetables and have everyone create their own mason jar salad!

Simple Spaghetti

You can't go wrong with a simple spaghetti. Buy a few different types of sauce and make a large batch of pasta. Then you can add different sauces into different jars so you have a different pasta lunch for every day of the week!

Tortilla Soup

Pick a soup that is your child's favorite. Whether it's tortilla or chicken noodle, this is the easiest way to transport soup without making a mess. All you have to do is make soup, or buy some straight from the store, and throw it in a jar. It's as easy as that!

Snackable Veggies and Dip

This is such a great snack to pack for kids on the go! Chop up tons of vegetables into bite-size strips. Then add hummus, ranch or any dipping sauce to the bottom of the jar and top with the veggies! This is perfect for a quick snack at the park or just out running errands.

These mason jar meals are perfect for all of your summertime activities. They are easy to make, extremely portable and prevent you from having to grab fast food while out with the kids. Try some of these awesome ideas for you next summer outing!

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