Everything We Know About Jackson Roloff So Far

Are you as obsessed the Little People, Big World newborn as we are?

June 08, 2017
By: TLCme

Need to feed your Jackson Roloff obsession? We put together a list of everything we know so far about Zach and Tori's bundle of joy!

1. He's a Spring Baby
Born on May 12th, Jackson falls under the astrological sign Taurus.

2. He's Stubborn like Mom Tori

In a TLCme exclusive, Tori explained that she can already see a stubborness in Jackson's personality that takes after her.

3. He's a Little Person like Dad Zach

Zach and Tori also revealed that Jackson was born with Achondroplasia, the same kind of dwarfism Zach has. They knew there would be a 50 percent chance Jackson would be a little person.

4. He is Impeccably Dressed

Before they left for the hospital, Zach and Tori let us peek inside their prepared "hospital bag."Spoiler alert - Tori brought A LOT of onesies for the newborn!

Photo by: DCL


5. He Loves his Nursery

Zach and Tori gave us a tour of their specially decorated nursery for Jackson, and it looks like he couldn't love it more!

6. He has a Cousin Coming in September

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are due to have their little girl in September, and we can't wait to watch these two become the best of friends!

Photo by: DCL


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