Why Women Everywhere Are Shaving Their Faces

Have you heard of this?

July 22, 2022
By: Kristine Boyd

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Yes, it's true. Women are shaving their faces, and it is one quietly kept skincare step that will change your routine for the better. Shaving your face, and we mean your entire face, may sound a bit scary, but once you do it, you will never go back. Many of us have tiny peach hairs all over our faces. You may have never noticed them, or they may have bothered you your whole life. Whatever boat you are in, shaving your face will change the game when it comes to skincare.

To be clear, we are not talking about shaving your face with the same razor you use to shave your legs. There are specialized razors just for your face that you can buy for as cheap as $3. These are 1-blade shavers that are safe to use on your face and won't cause the hairs to grow back thicker (which is an old wives' tale anyway!). They have shorter blades and ergonomic handles for more control. These little shavers are accessible at almost any drugstore and, after hearing the benefits, you are going to want to get yourself one ASAP!

When you shave your face, a procedure also called dermaplaning, you not only remove all the tiny hairs, but you also remove dead skin cells. This makes for an amazing exfoliation technique that leaves your face feeling softer than ever. By removing all of the small hairs and dead skin, it allows whatever products you use afterwards to sink into your skin that much more effectively.

This is also a game changer when it comes to makeup application. Have you ever applied powder and caught your skin in the sunlight, exposing all of the tiny peach fuzz hairs? This helps your makeup to apply flawlessly and smoothly across your face leaving an airbrushed look. Shaving your face is a technique that is widely used by celebrities and social influencers all over the internet!

Not to mention, the exfoliation helps with anti-aging. Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend or brother still look so young? It's because they shave their faces on a regular basis. They are essentially giving themselves an at-home facial a couple times a week. This is what keeps their skin so soft and youthful looking. It might sound crazy, but a facial razor is truly an amazing tool that will change your skin game!


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