Low Calorie Sweet Treat Recipes That Won't Ruin Your Diet

Here’s seven recipes for low calories desserts that won’t ruin your diet or keep you in the kitchen for hours.

January 04, 2017
By: Amanda Mushro

You've made healthy food choices all day. Now it's after dinner and you're craving a sweet treat. Instead of depriving yourself and your sweet tooth, go ahead and indulge in dessert. But rather than dive right into a container of ice cream or attempt to make a complicated confection, here's seven recipes for low calories desserts that won't ruin your diet or keep you in the kitchen for hours.

If you need a treat that won't sabotage your diet and doesn't require a lot of cleanup, then you need to make a mug brownie. Since this dessert comes in at 100 calories and only requires a coffee mug and a spoon, you can just enjoy this delicious treat instead of cleaning up a mess from baking.

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Dessert can't get much easier than these white chocolate raspberries. Since raspberries are considered a super food, you're actually eating something that is good for you too! So basically this dessert is a win/win.

The only thing better than a chocolate chip muffin, is a double chocolate chip muffin, and with this skinny version that uses unsweetened applesauce and honey, you won't ruin your diet. Double this recipe and you can freeze some of the muffins for later.

If ice cream is your weakness, you don't have to swear it off while you diet. Each serving of this cake batter ice cream is around 40 calories and is packed with loads of flavor.

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Lighten up lemon bars with Greek yogurt. With only 130 calories, you won't feel bad about indulging in this creamy dessert. For this recipe, you'll need to cut back on the sugar and butter but not on the flavor. Add a few slices of lemon or fresh berries for added sweetness to these little bars that are almost too pretty to eat.

Dessert doesn't get much easier than just two ingredients: boxed angel food cake and a can of crushed pineapple. Top this fat free fluff cake off with fresh fruit and a low calorie whipped topping for a simple and yummy after dinner treat.

With lots of delicious flavor without tons of calories and fat, these skinny strawberry frozen yogurt sandwiches are a perfect anytime treat.

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