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S4 E1 5/17/22

Universe Had Different Plans

Kim shares a shocking revelation, and Moriah hides a huge secret.
S4 E2 5/24/22

I Took Things a Little Too Far

Micah meets with Max to get to the bottom of Max and Moriah's breakup.
S4 E3 5/31/22

Missed Myself

Moriah shares more breakup details, and Ethan hides a secret from Olivia.
S4 E4

Double Life

Kim and Barry's marital issues leave the family reeling.
S4 E5

I Was Born in the Dining Room

Ethan reveals he's been keeping a secret, and Micah goes on a double date.
S4 E6

Dirty Little Sinners

Moriah gets emotional when her ex-boyfriend posts a video on social media.

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