Mykelti and Tony Revealed the Genders of Their Twins!

Watch Mykelti and Tony's adorable gender reveal for their twins on the way! Don't miss the season premiere of Sister Wives on Sunday, September 11 at 10/9c.

They say twins are twice the fun!

Sister Wives’ Mykelti and Tony are preparing for their double arrival and couldn’t be any happier. They celebrated with a gender reveal and used colorful poppers to find out if they're going to have boys, girls, or a boy-girl pair.

In the video above, Mykelti held up a popper for one twin and Tony held up a popper for the other. Soon, they both released blue powder into the air to reveal the genders of the twins.

Photo by: Courtesy of Mykelti and Tony

Courtesy of Mykelti and Tony

Two boys for Mykelti and Tony! Watch the full video about to see it in action.

Mykelti shared, "I’m excited for all three of my kids to be so close together in age. They’ll always have a friend to play with. And Tony and I will be very outnumbered sooner than we realize, it should be a fun adventure."

Photo by: Courtesy of Mykelti and Tony

Courtesy of Mykelti and Tony

With their daughter, Avalon, and two baby boys, Mykelti and Tony will definitely have their hands full. We can’t wait to see their family of three blossom into a sweet family of five!


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