Seeking Brother Husband Episodes

S1 E1 3/26/23

It's Raining Men

Elisa and Mike pursue multiple partners but need to figure out their rules.
S1 E2 4/2/23

Three's a Crowd, but Four ...

Kenya, Carl and Tiger hunt for a bigger home.
S1 E3 4/9/23

Two Men and a Baby

Chara may need to find a new partner in order to satisfy her baby fever.
S1 E4 4/16/23

Welcome to the Brotherhood

Chara introduces her new boyfriend, Valentino, to Patrick.
S1 E5 4/23/23

Parents Just Don't Understand

Mike's mom questions why Elisa needs to date other men.
S1 E6 4/30/23

My Two Dads

After visiting the OBGYN, Chara has some big news for her husbands.

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