OutDaughtered Gets a New Season on the Heels of the Busby Girls' Birthday Party

April 12, 2018
By: Nicole Mandell

The Busby clan is back! That's right, Adam, Danielle, Blayke and those unbelievably cute quints will be returning to TLC for a brand new season of OutDaughtered in 2018!

The exciting news comes only days after big sister Blayke turned 7 on April 5th, and the quints turned 3 on April 8th! We'd say that's three major reasons to celebrate! Check out the video above where Adam and Danielle took a break from the girls' hilarious poop-themed birthday party to give us an update on their family!

Danielle also spoke to People about their uniquely themed birthday party. "Blayke and the quints birthday party was a blast. This was our first time doing one big party for all the girls and first party outside our home. Blayke chose the theme 'Don't be a party pooper' because she loves the poop emoji. We loved this idea -- one because it was funny and two, because the quints are potty trained and we are celebrating no more poop disasters!"

For fans who watch season 2, you KNOW how hard this Mommy worked at getting her girls potty trained! But just because the girls are now 3, doesn't mean life in the Busby house is any less hectic!

"We no longer have five babies -- we now have five little kids, in addition to Blayke," Danielle said. "One of the biggest milestones we've reached is that they talk nonstop with real words and sentences. All day, every day, our house has six or so different conversations going on at one time -- and you have to try and keep up with all of them!"

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