Match Me Abroad Episodes

S1 E1 5/14/23

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Harold wants a Czech wife, but he may be a challenge for his matchmaker.
S1 E2 5/21/23

Make Me a Match

Katarina questions Harold's honesty, and Stanika makes Nina join her date.
S1 E3 5/28/23

Find Me a Find

Juan forces Nathaly out of her comfort zone.
S1 E4 5/28/23

Catch Me a Catch

Nathaly tries to get out of her head, and Harold tests out a new look.
S1 E5 6/4/23

Look Through Your Book

Mark heads out on a date in the desert, and Susan sees a handsome musician.
S1 E6 6/7/23

Bring Me a Ring

Harold has a date in an odd location, and Juan gives Susan harsh feedback.

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