Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days Episodes

S1 E1 1/10/22

Two Under 2

Loren and Alex are getting ready to bring on baby number two.
S1 E2 1/17/22

Look Who's Walking

Alex returns home to Israel, leaving behind a pregnant Loren.
S1 E3 1/24/22

Mommy and Me

Loren tries to make new friends at a local "Mommy and Me" class.
S1 E4 1/31/22

False Alarm

Loren receives some alarming news from the doctor.
S1 E5 2/7/22

Let the Babymoon Begin

Loren and Alex go on a local babymoon.
S1 E6 2/14/22

The Future Is Now

Loren seeks advice from her psychic.

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