Dr. Pimple Popper Episodes

S7 E1 2/16/22

Love in Lumpy Places

Lorne's embarrassing facial tumors are hurting his chances of finding love.
S7 E2 2/23/22

The Incredible Bulk

A personal trainer's head growth prevents him from seeing clients.
S7 E3 3/10/22

Raw Meat Mass

Bradley has a concerning leg growth that looks like raw meat.
S7 E4 3/9/22

The Never-Ending Keloids

Evelyn's keloids have been removed three times, but they keep coming back.
S7 E5 3/16/22

Cyst Pits

Tameru is a drag queen, but his many cysts are the real drag.
S7 E6 3/23/22

Hard Knot Life

Jason has lost confidence and motivation due to his large neck growth.

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