Doubling Down with the Derricos Episodes

S4 E1 5/30/23

Like a Room Without a Roof

Deon's OCD flares up as Karen's new passion clutters their house.
S4 E2 6/6/23

We Didn't Start the Fire

A crisis upends the Derrico household, and the twins start a new business.
S4 E3 6/13/23

Apple Bottom Genes

Darian struggles with skin issues as Karen stresses over her business.
S4 E4 6/20/23

Bad Mama Jama

Deon plans to lose some weight, and GG goes on her long-awaited date.
S4 E5 6/27/23

Detroit State of Mind

The Derricos visit Deon's hometown, and GG braces for her chemo treatments.
S4 E6 7/11/23

Ain't Nuthin' but a She Thing

The Quints are at odds over what to do for their birthday.

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Like a Room Without a Roof

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We Didn't Start the Fire

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