9 Seasons
S8 E24 11/2/16

Classic Cars and Grace's Surprise

Joe has big plans for Grace's 50th birthday and wants to give her an ice cream cake, but extreme heat may melt his surprise. Then, Buddy must turn a classic car into an unforgettable cake and deliver it to a prestigious car auction.


Episode   1

A Golden Opportunity

Episode   2

Ugly Feet and a Fiesta

Episode   3

From Fury to Furry

Episode   4

Operation: Tank Cake

Episode   5

Hocus Pocus

Episode   6

Buddy and the Rockettes

Episode   7

Cut the Ribbon and the Cake!

Episode   8

Twirls, Whirls and Crashes

Episode   9

Players, Lawyers, Pranksters

Episode   10

Light Up the Night

Episode   11

Crane Cake and Puppy Love

Episode   12

A Cowboy In Hoboken

Episode   13

Superheroes and Bakers Unite!

Episode   14

We Will Survive