90 Day: The Last Resort Episodes

S1 E1 8/21/23

The Last Chance

Infidelity shakes Kalani and Asuelu's world, and Angela threatens divorce.
S1 E2 8/21/23

Dead Last

A blindfolded obstacle course puts relationships to the test.
S1 E3

One Last Time

Liz triggers Angela, and Yara's romantic gesture ends in a drunken debacle.
S1 E4

How Long Do You Last?

Sex therapy exposes the couples' intimate vulnerabilities.
S1 E5 8/29/23

Last Call

Jovi plans an experience for Asuelu, and Ed learns about his past life.
S1 E6 8/29/23

Last Licks

Kama Sutra therapy pushes one couple to their breaking point.

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