90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Episodes

S7 E1 8/28/22

Suddenly Everything Changed

Jenny and Sumit reveal their secret to his parents.
S7 E2 9/2/22

Truth, Bitter Truth

Sumit chooses between his family and Jenny, and Usman talks to his brother.
S7 E3 9/11/22

Don't Take Me for Granted

Angela entertains a new suitor, and Kim dictates rules for a second wife.
S7 E4 9/23/22

Truth Hurts

Kim meets Usman's friend, and Andrei confronts Libby's mom about Charlie.
S7 E5 9/23/22


Usman has doubts about Kim, and Yara fears for her family in Ukraine.
S7 E6 10/7/22

Outta My System

Angela surprises Michael at his home and decides to take back what's hers.

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Suddenly Everything Changed

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Don't Take Me for Granted

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