Parenting Win of the Week: A New Lens on an Old Book

Nostalgia for parents and a brand-new adventure for the kids.

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My youngest son has been coming home from school super excited about an unexpected author: Beverly Cleary. Yes, that same Beverly Cleary that you likely read as a kid, with her character Ramona Quimby being introduced in the 1950s in a book series that spanned until 1999. Which to our children is like ancient times.

But his teacher is from Oregon (which is where Beverly Cleary is from) and has made it a point to read to the kids from her books.

And my son, who tends to not be much of a reader, was so excited that he has checked other books of hers out from the library and recently had me buy a Ramona box set of books (which ironically was cheaper than buying just one!).

We have been reading a chapter or a half of a chapter every night. He gets really excited to dig in and so far, we have tackled over 120 pages. We are both thrilled to move on to the next book soon.

I’ve had friends share similar experiences with books they adored as kids or even by taking the Harry Potter books and reading them one by one with their kids. Even though my son is old enough to read (and I do have him read a few pages of this book to me from time to time) it is still so special to cozy up in his bed and read, and to see him giggle at certain parts or beg for a few more pages.

Things tend to be so hustle and bustle in our family, so it is also a nice, calming practice to do each night. It’s easy to forget as your kids get older that there are still moments like these to be had, even if they are fleeting!


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