Is a ‘Candy Slide’ the Answer to Trick-Or-Treating During Covid?

Add “make candy slide” to your Halloween list.

By: Amanda Mushro

Photo by: Wicked Makers

Wicked Makers

Covid-19 has changed just about every aspect of our lives and many are wondering how Halloween will change this year. With some local governments already saying trick-or-treating is a no-go, is 2020's Halloween over before it begins? Maybe not, because a creative couple is sharing their DIY candy slide that may save the spooky night.

Jay Grenier and his wife Jaimie Nakae are the couple behind YouTube channel Wicked Makers. In their now viral video, the couple proposed an inspiring Halloween solution–a candy slide!

“We were looking forward to this season all year long. There was no way we were going to let the pandemic put a damper on it,” the couple said in their video. “We designed a killer prop that you and everyone in your neighborhood can easily make so you can be the savior of Halloween in your town.”

Basically, the candy slide is a way for you to stay a safe six feet away from any ghost, ghoul and superhero trick-or-treater that may come to your house. To operate, just place the candy into the tube’s top opening while the awaiting kids collect the pieces as they fall into their bags while remaining six feet apart. Genius, right?

So, not only is the candy slide a fun social distance option for Halloween, but it’s also a fun piece of Halloween décor. The Wicked Makers added a full-sized skeleton wrapped up like a mummy to their slide, but you can add your own Halloween flair to make it personalized. From a furry monster to a not so spooky ghost, or even a ghastly zombie, the options are endless.

To recreate the slide, you’ll need PVC piping and connectors, a saw and a hot glue gun. The couple’s YouTube video gives a great “how to” with step by step directions and you can also find the info on their website.

For Halloween fans everywhere, this simple DIY may be the answer to spooky fun at a safe distance this year.

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