You, Me & My Ex Episodes

S2 E1 4/17/23

Great Ex-pectations

De'Andre's new girlfriend doesn't like that his ex is friends with his mom.
S2 E2 4/24/23

Un-ex-pected News

Matt's ex moves in, and Alex's ex wants to be godfather to his baby.
S2 E3 5/1/23

Waiting to Ex-hale

Ex Chelsea has an awkward dinner with Matt's girlfriend and her parents.
S2 E4 5/8/23

What To Ex-pect

Alex and Caroline get a dose of parenting reality when they babysit twins.
S2 E5 5/15/23

You're Gonna Need To Ex-plain

Elodie confronts De'Andre's ex about their trip to Sanibel.
S2 E6 5/22/23

An Ex-cursion Gone Wrong

Elodie has "ex"-rated questions about De'Andre and Rowan's relationship.