You, Me & My Ex Episodes

S1 E1 6/20/21

My Ex and My Next

Jerry's new girlfriend moves into the house he shares with his ex-wife.
S1 E2 6/27/21

Ex-Door Neighbors

April surprises her husband by getting a matching tattoo with her ex.
S1 E3 7/11/21

Ex-plain Yourself

On a family ski trip with Kayee and Jessica, Jerry is forced to pick sides.
S1 E4 7/18/21

Ex-cess Baggage

Old wounds lead to a giant fight on Jimmy and Lisa's RV trip.
S1 E5 7/25/21

Ex-tremely Close

Things intensify between Lisa and Jimmy during a game of truth or dare.
S1 E6 8/1/21

Ex-pect the Unexpected

Kayee faces the harsh reality of Jerry's bond with his ex-wife.