Say Yes to the Dress Episodes

S20 E1 7/17/21

We Don't Always Have a Say Yes

The brides are back at Kleinfeld, and Randy gets honest with his assistant.
S20 E2 7/24/21

I'm Going by the Feel

One bride looks for a reception dress, and a blind bride has a sexy vision.
S20 E3 7/31/21

My Husband and My Fiancee

Women in a throuple need dresses, and Ronnie surprises an engaged doctor.
S20 E4 8/7/21

The Struggle Is Real

Chef Huda struggles to get her entourage on the same page.
S20 E5 8/14/21

I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

Alex looks for a black gown fit for Morticia Adams and Lucille Ball.
S20 E6 8/21/21

Our Dress Has to Go Viral

Amanda finally tries on the Randy Fenoli dress she's been obsessing over.

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