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S6 E1 3/22/21

The Panic in Amish Park

The pandemic has forced Jeremiah, Carmela, Ada and Sabrina together.
S6 E2 11/9/20

The Past Isn't the Past

Jeremiah connects with his biological father.
S6 E3 4/5/21

The Time Has Come

Sabrina must head to the hospital alone due to COVID-19.
S6 E4 4/12/21

The DNA Test Request

Still having doubts, Jeremiah asks Dennis to take a DNA test.
S6 E5 4/19/21

The Truth About Jeremiah's Dad

Jeremiah learns the truth about his father.
S6 E6 4/26/21

The Most Awkward First Kiss

Rosanna gets asked out on a date, and Maureen has her first kiss.

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