My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now? Episodes

S8 E1 11/22/22

John and Lonnie

The brothers shock Dr. Now with their staggering collective weight loss.
S8 E2 11/14/22

Holly and Lashanta

Holly faces a wedding and skin surgery. Lashanta isn't losing weight.
S8 E3 1/12/23

Robin and Garrett

An aunt and nephew are closer than ever to their target weights.
S8 E4 1/19/23

Vianey and Allen

A couple struggles after experiencing different surgery results.
S8 E5 1/12/23

Octavia and Aaron

Octavia pushes through setbacks. Aaron finds new motivation in true love.
S8 E6 1/19/23

Lacey and Mercedes

Lacey's weight loss slows, and Mercedes and her kids face destitution.

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John and Lonnie

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