Little People, Big World Episodes

S23 E1 5/17/22

The Roloff Crazy Train

Zach and Tori's negotiations with Matt to buy part of the farm break down.
S23 E2 5/24/22

True Bromance

Expect the unexpected when Amy and Chris invite Matt and Caryn to dinner.
S23 E3 5/31/22

Battle Ground

Zach and Tori skip pumpkin season to focus on Jackson, who needs surgery.
S23 E4 6/7/22

We're Gonna Pop Out That Baby

Matt visits Zach's new home, and Zach and Tori have a big announcement.
S23 E5 6/14/22

Two Two Cute

Lilah's birthday party brings friends and family together.
S23 E6 6/21/22

A Roloff Party-Off

Zach, Tori and the kids celebrate the holidays in their own way.

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The Roloff Crazy Train

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True Bromance

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Battle Ground

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