Extreme Sisters Episodes

S2 E1 1/23/23

So Happy Together

Ashley and Vee prove extreme sisterhood isn't always about being related.
S2 E2 1/30/23


Anna and Lucy experiment with motherhood.
S2 E3 2/6/23

Triple Trouble

Triplets Hannah, Katherine and Nadia live by their own rules.
S2 E4 2/13/23

There's Always a Number One

Jordan masterminds Randi's proposal, and the triplets face a crisis.
S2 E5 2/20/23

Four's a Crowd

Sparks fly between Ashley's mom and Vee, and John angers Christina.
S2 E6 2/27/23

You're Not the Boss of Me

Jessica and John try to make peace, and Ashley and Vee get unexpected news.

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So Happy Together

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Triple Trouble