Dr. Pimple Popper Episodes

S8 E1 7/14/22

Booty and the Beach

Eric hopes Dr. Lee is able to remove the giant growth from his behind.
S8 E2 7/20/22

Poop! (There It Is)

Edith's face markings and itchy skin turn out to be more than she expected.
S8 E3 7/27/22

Do Iguanas Get Pimples Too?

Dr. Lee faces off with iguana-wrangler Madison's head growths.
S8 E4 8/4/22

Alligator Arms

Dr. Lee helps Robert, who has thousands of unique bumps on his arms.
S8 E5 8/11/22

Motley Cyst

A lump on his throat forces Jerry to hang up his rock star vocal cords.
S8 E6 8/17/22

A Head of Cauliflower Bumps

Giant cauliflower-shaped bumps cover Elizabeth's head

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