9 Seasons
S4 E3 2/14/11

Toilets and Textiles

Buddy gets one of his hardest cakes yet -- a request for a replica of a toilet that actually flushes! Later, the owner of the Denim Lounge is having a baby shower and asks Buddy for an unusual baby shower cake.


Episode   1

Circus, Celebrity and Surprise

Episode   2

Shark Cake and Smelly Fish

Episode   3

Happy Little Bakers

Episode   4

Toilets and Textiles

Episode   5

Ships, Sonograms, Sister Drama

Episode   7

Baby Special

Episode   8

Pucks, Pastries, Pushy Grace

Episode   9

Staten Island Chuck

Episode   10

Punches, Psychics and Pastries

Episode   11

Designer, Deadlines, Diagnosis

Episode   12

Tulips, Taxes and Take It Easy

Episode   13

Surgery and St. Patty's