9 Seasons
S5 E10 7/9/12

Going Up?

Buddy is put to the test when he must make a special birthday cake that works as a real elevator. And Mauro is charged to make a cake for the North Jersey Spelling Bee, but the Carlo's staff must be careful to spell the words correctly on the cake.


Episode   1

Space Shuttle and Stepping Up

Episode   2

Houses, Help, Hitting the Road

Episode   3

Headphones and Helicopters

Episode   4

Big Bumblebee and Bossy Grace

Episode   5

Competition and Complications

Episode   6

Bugs, Breakups and Burned-Out

Episode   7

Moving Cake, Marbles, Mess-Ups

Episode   8

Cheeseburgers and Cures

Episode   9

Campfires, Computers

Episode   10

Prize Cow and a Predicament