9 Seasons
S5 E26 1/30/13

Crane Cake and Puppy Love

It’s time for some heavy lifting. Buddy must create a moving crane cake for a local scrap metal company, but the engineering of the crane might prove to be too difficult. Also, puppy love is in the air when Buddy makes his first ever dog wedding cake.


Episode   1

Space Shuttle and Stepping Up

Episode   2

Houses, Help, Hitting the Road

Episode   3

Headphones and Helicopters

Episode   4

Big Bumblebee and Bossy Grace

Episode   5

Competition and Complications

Episode   6

Bugs, Breakups and Burned-Out

Episode   7

Moving Cake, Marbles, Mess-Ups

Episode   8

Cheeseburgers and Cures

Episode   9

Campfires, Computers

Episode   10

Prize Cow and a Predicament