Bad Hair Day Episodes

S1 E1 8/24/22

Bye, Alopecia

Shanae suffers from bald spots and hopes Dr. Meena can do a transplant.
S1 E2 8/31/22

Gettin' Wiggy With It

Jamie needs Dr. Angie's help to leave her wigs behind after her transition.
S1 E3 9/7/22

Psoriasis Barbie

Dr. Isha treats Raven's psoriasis and gives her some tough love.
S1 E4 9/14/22

A Trich-y Situation

Dr. Angie sees a patient with a hair-related secret in need of help.
S1 E5 9/21/22

Running Up Mat Hill

Eva has gotten her long, flowing hair into a tangled and matted mess.
S1 E6 9/28/22

Zero Plucks Given

Dr. Angie treats a Canadian with an eyebrow-raising predicament.