90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Episodes

S3 E1 8/29/21

Love Makes You Crazy

Sumit takes Jenny to an astrologer for guidance.
S3 E2 9/5/21

Testing Trust

Ari's ex makes an impression, and Kenny and Armando plan their wedding.
S3 E3 9/12/21

Fight for Love

Ellie heads to Colombia without a plan.
S3 E4 9/13/21

From Soup to Nuts

Alina and Steven's reunion is less than ideal.
S3 E5 9/26/21

Facing Fears

Sumit reveals to his family that he's engaged to Jenny.
S3 E6 9/27/21

Proceed With Caution

Steven reveals the truth about his dating history.

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