90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Episodes

S5 E1 7/10/23

Far Trek: The Next Generation

Brandan plans a big move, and Julio wants Kirsten to meet his mom.
S5 E2 7/22/23

Long Distance Medium

Holly and Wayne's reunion goes awry, and Armando begins to challenge Kenny.
S5 E3 7/24/23

How I Haven't Met Your Mother

Brandan and Mary meet, and Kirsten learns Julio has kept her a secret.
S5 E4 7/31/23

Mad About What You Said

Wayne offends Holly, and Daniele and Yohan make a fresh start.
S5 E5 8/7/23

My So-Called Wi-Fi

Brandan discovers Mary's lie, and Armando reveals old wounds.
S5 E6 8/14/23

Who's the Bossiest

Yash tells Kimberly that marrying his brother will ruin everyone's lives.

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Mad About What You Said

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