90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Episodes

S4 E1 1/27/23

To Love and Be Wise

Gabe mixes work and pleasure in Colombia, and Jen wants an Indian wedding.
S4 E2 2/3/23

To Have Peace

Nicole heads to Egypt to salvage her marriage, and Jen sees red flags.
S4 E3 2/17/23

If You Can't Jump, You Plunge

Nicole has a rocky reunion with Mahmoud, and Kris and Jeymi finally meet.
S4 E4 2/26/23

What the Mind Does Not Want

Kris' health problems worry Jeymi, and Debbie pursues a prenup.
S4 E5 2/22/23

Lies Have Got No Legs

Nicole regrets meeting Mahmoud's friends, and Gabe has business blues.
S4 E6 3/1/23

Love Is One Thing ...

Jen tries to be an Indian housewife, and Kris may need to return to the US.

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