7 Little Johnstons Episodes

S11 E1 3/15/22

The Finnish Are Coming!

The Johnstons prepare for the arrival of Joose, a Finnish exchange student.
S11 E2 3/22/22

Friday Night Heights

The Johnstons introduce Joose to pumpkin carving and high school football.
S11 E3 3/29/22

Wife Carrying

The family introduces Joose to their competitive side with backyard games.
S11 E4 4/5/22

The Cranberry Massacre

The Johnstons introduce Joose to some common Thanksgiving traditions.
S11 E5 4/12/22

Mr. Joose Goes to Washington

The Johnstons head to Washington, D.C. to show Joose America's capital.
S11 E6 4/19/22

Are You Kissing?

It's Christmas in Georgia, and the Johnstons and Joose share traditions.

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