7 Little Johnstons Episodes

S13 E1 4/18/23

Love on the Brain

The Johnstons take a line dancing class to prepare for Liz's 21st birthday.
S13 E2 4/25/23

Om Sweet Home

Jonah tries to help Anna deal with stress using meditation.
S13 E3 5/9/23

Oh Lover Boy

Alex visits his girlfriend, Allie, at her home in Ohio for her birthday.
S13 E4 5/9/23

Homecoming and Going

Alex's girlfriend, Allie, arrives in town for the homecoming dance.
S13 E5 5/23/23

Reindeer Games

Trent, Amber, Alex and Emma head to Finland, and Jonah throws a party.
S13 E6 5/23/23

Desperately Seeking Santa

In Finland, Trent, Amber, Emma and Alex head to Elf school.

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Love on the Brain

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