Read Amy Roloff's New Book

The Little People, Big World mom wrote an auto-biography!

We have all gotten to know and love Amy Roloff for over ten years on her family's show Little People, Big World. Now, the mom of 4 has written an open and honest auto-biography titled "A Little Me."

In it, Amy shares what it was like growing up with achondroplasia dwarfism, how she struggled to overcome obstacles both physical and emotional—navigating the average-size world as a little person, dealing with a serious illness as a young girl, bullying, and issues of body image and unachievable beauty ideals—while learning, as we all must do, to accept herself for who she is.

She discusses coming to terms with her stature, as seen in the excerpt below.

"The one dream I never had was To Be Tall. That was something I knew could never happen, and why aspire to be something without the remotest possibility of becoming reality? I looked at the opportunities that seemed to come easier for people who were tall or of average height. It wasn’t always easy for me to believe in myself, to have determination and confidence, which I knew was going to be the big difference in having a good attitude and in anything I did in my life. Doubt couldn’t be a part of the picture . . ."

She also opens up about her relationship with Matt.

"Oddly enough, I think our relationship lasted longer because of the show than it probably would have otherwise, since we seemed to talk more on camera then we did off camera."

And, of course, she fills us in on her second act.

"As I shed the roles I’ve had for a while and try on new ones, such as being a single woman, entrepreneur, girlfriend, mom, and grandma, I have a sense of renewal in my second act. I’m looking forward to seeing where I will go in life. Stay tuned."

You can pre-order Amy's book now, AND enter for a chance to be flown out to Roloff Farms to meet Amy and grab some lunch! Enter here.

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