family trip

Family Trip

Tuesdays 10|9c

When Jen is invited to give the keynote speech at a conference, the whole "Little Couple" family packs their bags for San Francisco.

Watch: Jen and Bill's Reflections

Look: NEW Family Photos!

the duggars do tennessee

The Duggars Do Tennessee

Tuesdays 9|8c

The Duggars travel to Tennessee to help with a Bates family wedding.

Look: Jessa and Ben's Courtship

Watch: Courtships, a Wedding & More

crazy for swayze

Crazy for Swayze

Thursdays 9|8c

A Patrick Swayze-crazy gypsy groom proposes the ultimate romantic gesture: meeting his online girlfriend for the first time at the altar!

Watch: Blinged to Life

Look: Gypsy Mega Gallery

little couple
kate middleton's 2014 style in pictures

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