looking for a showstopper

Looking for a Showstopper

Fridays 10/9c

This bride's wedding will be a mix of Great Gatsby, Marie Antoinette and Liberace. Can she find a dress worthy of the event?

Gallery: Beautiful Bridal Style

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home run

Home Run

Fridays 9/8c

A former model flew all the way from St. Louis to find the perfect dress for her wedding to her pro baseball star fiance.

Try It: Design Your Own Dress!

Watch: The Best Celebs on the Show

here for the right reasons?

Here for the Right Reasons?

Sundays 9/8c

A new couple -- Danny and Amy -- is introduced, while three of the other couples face concerns from skeptical friends and family.

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Meet: The New Couples

schedule switcheroo

Schedule Switcheroo

Sundays 10/9c

Brady shocks the wives when he proposes a change that will disrupt everyone’s routine.

Meet: Get to Know the Family

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jill's big day

Jill's Big Day

Tuesdays 9/8c

With hundreds of volunteers to help, the Duggars hope this super-sized wedding goes off without a hitch.

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