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big city makeovers

Big City Makeovers

Thursdays 10/9c

With Matt and Bates dealing with relationship troubles, the group decides to ditch their Amish clothes and go English. But one of the group mysteriously disappears.

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here for the right reasons?

Here for the Right Reasons?

Sundays 9/8c

A new couple -- Danny and Amy -- is introduced, while three of the other couples face concerns from skeptical friends and family.

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penny-pinching to the extreme

Penny-Pinching to The Extreme

Wednesdays 9/8c

These people give new meaning to the word frugal, but are they onto something?

Top 10: Cheapskate Tips

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Extreme Cheapskates (Season 3)

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Brides of Beverly Hills

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Brides of Beverly Hills

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The Little Couple

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90 Day Fiance (Season 2)

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Breaking Amish

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Breaking Amish

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Breaking Amish

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Breaking Amish

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90 Day Fiance (Season 2)

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