who's walking down the aisle?

Who's Walking Down the Aisle?

Thursdays 9|8c

A gypsy bride-to-be must decide between two potential suitors.

Watch: Blinged to Life

Look: Gypsy Mega Gallery

flock to your frock

Flock to Your Frock

Premieres Friday 10|9c

It’s the annual gown rush sale at Vows and hundreds of brides flock to the store for the big event.

Pictures: Biggest Discounts

Watch: Expert Tips from Vows

bold brides

Bold Brides

Fridays 9:30|8:30c

Randy counts down the top 10 figure-flaunting brides in "Say Yes to the Dress" history.

Watch: Randy Knows Best About Everything!

Q&A: Much Ado About Alterations

a ‘little’ quality time

A ‘Little’ Quality Time

Tuesdays 10|9c

Bill takes Will to work with him so that Jen can spend some quality time with Zoey.

Watch: Jen and Bill's Reflections

Look: NEW Family Photos!

big fat bling giveaway

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Gypsy Sisters

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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

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Blinded by the Bling Play

Blinded by the Bling

With a budget of $7,000, this bride should be able to find her dream wedding dress, but will her love of bling cause her to spend beyond her means?

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