About Take Home Chef

"Take Home Chef" is a series in which our handsome and sexy young Master Chef Curtis Stone picks up regular people in a grocery store, checks out what they are planning for dinner, and then works with them to surprise someone with a spectacular culinary creation. Once the shopper signs on for the adventure, Curtis shops and then hops into their car and takes a trip to their house for a look at where and how they cook in real life. He rolls up his sleeves, pulls out the knives and together they prepare an amazing meal for a spouse, friend or someone special. When the cooking is in it's final phases and the dining room is ready, its time to watch as the surprised family member(s) or friend(s) come home to find a house filled with TV cameras, lights, and our sexy Melbourne chef. Then it's time for friends and family to sit down and partake in the fantastic meal that's been prepared by their very own "Take Home Chef."

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