Cambrie's Court


Cambrie is the top coach in the nation right now, and she’ll be the first to tell you about it. Her pageant team is popularly known as Cambrie's Court.  As a beauty queen herself, Cambrie knows what it takes to dominate the pageant circuit. She always makes sure her students have dedication, passion, and hundreds of hours of practice. These parents pay big bucks in order for their kids to win, and Cambrie isn’t going to let them down! To Cambrie this is a business and she will only do business with kids that can make her look good. That means she’s got to be picky about the girls she takes on, and sometimes has to let girls go who aren’t cutting it. To get to this level of success Cambrie can’t do it alone. She has an all-star team that’s just as colorful as the crazy parents she deals with. 

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