Sondra Celli


Sondra Celli is America's Number 1 gypsy dressmaker. Headquartered in Boston, Sondra's studio welcomes colorful clientele. She doesn't bat an eye when getting a phone call from a gypsy bride who needs the biggest, boldest, best dress ... in just days. What prepares a designer to work at lightning speed and with such originality? Sondra graduated from NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology and studied in Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland under the Scholastic International Program. Her award-winning work has been seen in publications such as Harpers Bazaar, New York Magazine and Vogue. From crafting knee-high boots covered with 43,000 pink rhinestones to pink hot pants with hearts on the back pockets and outfits dazzles with iridescent crystals and LED lights---she does it all!

Sondra delivers because she's been a part of the gypsy culture for years. She understands how important a baptism or a communion is to the parents and that from the very first day a little girl is born, she is on display. That's why Sondra makes those precious bling-tastic baby gowns with matching booties and blankets and those sparkling, poofy dresses full of bling! And those dazzling wedding gowns? Sondra makes each one unique and better than the rest, because she knows that after the wedding day, the bride settles down to a lifetime of child-bearing and cleaning.

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