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I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN follows the personal journeys of Lindsey and Francisco, two "Seekers" who discover late in life that they are not their parents' children. We meet our seekers as they process the shocking truth of their parentage. Over the course of the hour, we follow their search for answers through key emotional moments. Using a combination of documentary style footage and self-shot diary cameras, we watch as they as they uncover clues, hit dead-ends, and stumble upon breakthroughs, before finally reuniting with a newly discovered family member. Lindsey grew up believing she was the typical single child of divorced parents. Her Scottish mom was fair and tough, and her dad indulged her and showered her with love. Today, as a professional photographer, she credits her father for encouraging her artistic ambitions and for her natural talent. When her father died from lung cancer Lindsey was devastated. Then, her mom revealed a family secret that shook her identity to the core: Lindsey was donor conceived. The man she called her father was not her biological father. Overwhelmed with this life changing information, Lindsey is curious, confused, and searching for answers. Recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and expecting her second child, Lindsay wants to learn more about her genetic history. Her mother has not kept any records, and even if she had, the sperm donation process was completely anonymous. With nowhere to start, Lindsey must confront her mom and press her for details. It is the first time Lindsey has talked to her about her conception, and she hopes to find out why her parents lied to her. Using DNA genetic testing, and the help of genealogist Kathleen Brandt, Lindsay searches for her sperm donor by posting on DNA matching websites, and online forums for donor conceived children such as herself. Along the way, she learns she's part Jewish and part Italian, but little else about the identity of her donor. Then, unexpectedly through a match on a website, Lindsey finds her father, only to discover he does not want any contact with her. Luckily, Kathleen finds a sperm sibling, Justin, who is willing to meet. The two half-siblings meet in Boston, and Lindsey finds the brother she's always wanted. Francisco Ramirez grew up in Sacramento, California, raised by loving but much older parents. His brother was an adult when he was born, and his sister Fabiola was already 8. He knew his sister was adopted but he grew up always believing his parents were his biological parents. Only when Francisco's wife, Kellee, stumbled upon the truth at a family party, did Francisco discover he was adopted: and his entire family knew and conspired to keep it from him. Stunned and betrayed, Francisco cut off all ties with his adoptive family and sank into a depression that lasted for years. With the help of genealogist and private investigator, Susan Frei Williams, Francisco and Kellee discover his baptismal certificate in a Catholic church in Albuquerque, NM. The certificate has his biological mother's name on it, which turns out to be the missing clue Susan needs to track her down. Unfortunately for Francisco, he discovers both his mother and brother have died, but Susan finds his half-sisters who want to meet. In the touching reunion, Francisco gets the answers he seeks, and finds the peace that has eluded him ever since he found out the truth.

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