About Curvy Brides

Sisters Yukia and Yuneisia specialize in dressing curvy brides. Their salon, Curvaceous Couture, stocks high-fashion designer dresses in sizes that fit the bodies of real women. And business is booming! It's hard to believe that they built their brand and opened their first store in their father's basement. On a typical day, Yukia and Yuneisia meet with clients whose shapes vary from apple- and pear-shaped to triangle and square. There is no single shape that defines "plus-size bridal," and the sisters carry a variety of dresses in the most classic and popular shapes to suit every body type. In addition to greeting and meeting brides, Yukia and Yuneisia also work with bridal designers' representatives to choose new gowns for their store. To make their inventory desirable and unique, the sisters must weigh the latest trends against their budget and clients' most requested styles. That's all in a day's work for these busy sisters!

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