Cortney and Antonio


Cortney (Orlando, Florida) and Antonio (Malaga, Spain)

Cortney, 26, is a free spirit based who decided to expand her horizons and booked a trip to Spain. While there Cortney decided to check out the locals and began swiping on a dating app, where she matched with hot Spanish model Antonio. She was instantly attracted to his photos, but it wasn’t until she was back in the United States that he messaged her. They started texting daily and even though they have never video chatted or spoken on the phone, Cortney thinks Antonio could be the one. Despite her family’s worries she might be getting catfished, Cortney has decided to risk it and travel to Antonio’s hometown of Malaga, Spain to meet him in person. The risks are high as there are no guarantees that Antonio is even a real person, let alone the man of her dreams.

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