This Water Table Folds Up When Water Playtime Is Done

The best parts of a water table with features parents will love too!

February 23, 2023
By: Amanda Mushro

When the weather gets warmer and you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained outside, a water table is always a hit with little ones. However, before you drag out your old water table or add a big and bulky one to your shopping cart, let me put you on to a new outdoor water toy that will quickly become a fan favorite in your house: the Little Tikes Splash Beach.

I recently got the Splash Beach for my three-year-old, and he loves it. As soon as I add water to the pad, he starts scooping it up, splishing and splashing, and even his toy dinosaurs have been taking a few trips down the slide and have been hanging out in the lighthouse. This is definitely one of those toys that I can see him playing with for hours, and even my older kids joined in on the water fun. After all, for kids, is there anything better than playing in the water? Clearly it’s a hit with him, but let me tell you why I’m loving this water toy too.

While water tables are super fun for kids, they can take up lots of space when the kids aren’t playing with them. If you’ve been avoiding buying a water table for this exact reason, you’ll love this feature. The Splash Beach folds up and has a place to store all of the toys and accessories. So, not only can you stash the Splash Beach in a garage, closet, or on the side of your home, but it also holds all of the little water toys that get scattered everywhere.

If you have a smaller outdoor space or you just don’t want one more toy taking up room outside, Splash Beach is a great option. You can bring it outside to play and then fold it up and store it away until your kids are ready for another round of splashing.

Also, if you have more than one child or your kid is having a playdate, the water pad has more than enough room for multiple kids to play together. The more the merrier definitely works with Splash Beach.

While it does have a hose attachment to make the waterfall continuously flow, it’s definitely not needed. Splash Beach comes with multiple accessories like the scoop-and-pour cup, submarine, sailboat, octopus, and turtle. However, I highly recommend putting in a few drops of dish detergent. Not only is this an easy way to clean the water table, but kids love the bubbles. It’s almost like multitasking while playing.

Since the table lays flat on the ground, you can fully expect little ones to climb right into the water. If you’re not ready for a completely wet kiddo, you’ll need to set some play rules before you add the water. As we all know, toddlers usually do what they want, but on days that aren’t warm enough to get really wet, my son still loves playing around the sides of the table. However, in the warmer months, I fully expect him to get wet from head to toe.

Finally, when playtime wraps up, it’s easy to drain and store for another warm day of outdoor fun, or you can leave it out like we do because you can expect your kids to come back for more playtime the next day.

So, if you’re looking for a water toy that will make your kids happy and won’t drive you crazy because it’s taking up way too much space, check out the Little Tikes Splash Beach!


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