My Feet Are Killing Me Episodes

S3 E1 7/1/21

Hellish Horns

Dr. Brad takes on a challenge with a guy that has "dead man's feet."
S3 E2 7/1/21

Permanent Stilettos

A woman with growths like permanent stilettos is desperate for help.
S3 E3 7/1/21

Witch's Toe

Dr. Brad treats a woman with fluid dripping out of her foot.
S3 E4 7/1/21

Alien Baby

Dr. Brad has his hands full with a man with an extraterrestrial on his toe.
S3 E5 7/1/21

Mass of Mystery

A man with a mysterious growth on his foot keeps Dr. Ebonie on her toes.
S3 E6 7/1/21


Dr. Brad faces wet socks when a man that urinates on his feet visits.

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