90 Day: The Single Life Episodes

S2 E1 1/7/22

Single and Ready to Mingle

Jesse hopes his online romance turns into real life chemistry.
S2 E2 1/14/22

Twist My World

Syngin and Tania struggle to leave their sexual relationship in the past.
S2 E3 1/21/22

Lust at First Sight

Syngin and Tania break the news of their split to her family.
S2 E4 1/28/22

Like a Virgin

Jesse meets Jeniffer's daughter, and Stephanie makes a move on her stylist.
S2 E5 2/4/22

Roommates With Benefits

Debbie goes on a date after a full makeover. Syngin comes clean to Tania.
S2 E6 2/11/22

Leave You and Deceive You

Jesse learns the truth about Jeniffer and Cacua.

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