1000-lb Best Friends Episodes

S1 E1 2/4/22

Supersized Besties

Four obese best friends struggle to lose weight together.
S1 E2 2/14/22

Large and In Charge

All four besties attempt to conquer a massive waterslide.
S1 E3 2/21/22

We're Not a Joke

Tempers flare between Vannessa and Tina on a glamping trip.
S1 E4 3/3/22

Getting Her Sexy Back

To gain body confidence, Meghan shops for toys at an adult store.
S1 E5 3/7/22

Beauty and the Beach

The ladies head to the beach to fulfill Meghan's dream, but things go awry.
S1 E6 3/14/22

Teeny Weeny String Bikini

The BFFs face the biggest challenge of their trip -- walking on the beach.

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Supersized Besties

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Large and In Charge

Fri 12/23 @ 3PM | 2C

We're Not a Joke

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