1000-lb Best Friends Episodes

S2 E1 1/4/23

We're Back: The Weight Is Over

Vannessa reveals her post-surgery body while Meghan's weight loss stalls.
S2 E2 1/11/23

Weigh-In Is the Hardest Part

Meghan has a meltdown at Dr. Procter's office, and Ashely heads to therapy.
S2 E3 1/18/23

Carry On Weighward Son

Vannessa takes Jacob to the doctor and receives some upsetting news.
S2 E4 1/26/23

Take the Long Weigh Home

Ashely worries about her appointment, and Meghan aims to get wedding ready!
S2 E5 2/1/23

Simple Twist of Weight

The girls are pushed to their limit by the workouts at a wellness retreat.
S2 E6 2/9/23

Weight Women Can't Jump

Ashley pushes past her comfort zone at the retreat, and Tina finally snaps.

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