Woman Breastfeeds Her Friend’s Child and The Internet Explodes

posted: 08/13/15
by: TLCme
woman breastfeeding two children
Mama Bean Parenting

Moms breastfeed their kids all the time. But most moms wouldn't think of breastfeeding their friend's kids. That's exactly what Jessica Anne Colletti did, though. The Pennsylvania woman has a 16-month-old son that she breastfeeds, but also breastfeeds an 18-month boy that she babysits. Colletti refers to two as "milk siblings."

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Colletti posted a photo of herself breastfeeding the two on the blog Mama Bean Parenting. "My friend struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning and succeeded for 9 months," she told Mama Bean blogger Louise. "She was always very happy that her son had the nutrition and comfort he needed while she was working. Being able to breastfeed her little boy has created a special bond between us all, a bond I will always cherish."

Blogger Louise was fully behind Colletti's decision. She brought up the World Health Organization's "Global Stretegy on Infant and Young Child Feeding" which stresses that if a mother cannot provide her own breast milk, breast milk from another healthy wet nurse is the next best alternative. "For moms who struggle to pump that elusive 2000oz of breast milk, or who are negotiating the phenomenon of Pumping Disappointment, the option of wet-nursing could be the perfect solution.," wrote Louise.

But commenters were split on the whether breastfeeding another women's child was kosher -- and whether photographing it was appropriate. "That is fine to help a friend out pending no yeast or other transmittable issues. However, intimate moments of breastfeeding are personal and not meant to photograph and spread around the masses." read one comment.

Another commenter brought up how common breastfeeding others' children are in different cultures. Still other commenters thought that Colletti's breast-feeding picture was totally reasonable. "I agree with breastfeeding. As a mother I never produced milk due to blood pressure pills during pregnancy. It very natural and normal. It's a BEAUTIFUL picture #breastfeedingrocks"

Still, Colletti is undaunted. "So much love between these milk siblings, it's a special bond between us all.